This treatment has had my friends asking me what I have had done, they can't put their finger on it! I have had so many compliments saying that I look 'glowing' and 'more youthful'. I love that this treatment is non-invasive and has given me great results, whilst still being subtle and providing a natural result.

Phoebe LawClinical Trial Patient

My face feels much firmer and lifted and several people have told me how well I look. Really pleased with the results.

Jeanie CowleyClinical Trial Patient

My skin definitely feels softer and looks more radiant and plump. Cheeks look lifted up. I had some compliments that my skin looks better. The treatment was very pleasant and relaxing.

Aleksandra GoliwasClinical Trial Patient

My frown lines on my forehead are less visible, my face feels firmer. My red patches are better and the dryness on my skin has also improved

Mairi ChapmanClinical Trial Patient

As someone who is very much a novice at aesthetic treatments, I didn’t know what to expect but I am amazed by such a fabulous outcome. The treatment itself is a bit uncomfortable but nothing that the time and getting used to the sensation will not fix. Would I do it again, you bet I definitely seen such a great result that the treatment is so worth it!

Holly BousfieldClinical Trial Patient

My results have been great. My lips are fuller, my jowls are lifted, and my forehead is smoother. I can definitely see some great results. In fairness, I was not sure what to expect, but wow, I am so pleased with the results from this treatment.

Julie LawClinical Trial Patient

I have noticed a positive difference in the feel of my skin and it does feel firmer, especially on my forehead which is tighter. I found it best to gradually build up the intensity, but I managed to go quite high. It’s a strange sensation, and your face is scrunched up with muscle contractions, which I imagine looks quite amusing! The treatment is certainly worth trying, especially if you don’t want to go down the botox/filler route as it’s working your own muscles and increasing collagen production.

Rosalind FletcherClinical Trial Patient

The treatment felt a little weird at first, but I very quickly got accustomed to the sensations. My skin feels fuller, and I am more conscious of my facial muscles.

Colin AmosClinical Trial Patient

Even after 3 treatments, I have noticed a difference and my wrinkles went from 26.5 to 3.5!! I think this treatment would be absolutely fabulous after 6 treatments.

Debbie CookClinical Trial Patient

Very impressed with how my deep wrinkle on my forehead does not look so deep. Also my smokers lines around my mouth are not as bad. Cheeks seem to have more body in them when I smile.

Karen CrissClinical trial patient

Having been a big fan of the 3D lipo-ultimatepro machine that we've had in our clinic since day one, we decided to invest in the 3D HydrO2 facial, 3D HIFU and 3D Dermaforce machines from 3D Aesthetics in 2023. And we have not been disappointed! With top-quality training and help from the customer and tech support departments when we need it, it has been one of the best decisions we've ever made. The results we're getting from all our new machines are impressive, but HIFU, in particular, has been spectacular! Who knew a non-surgical facelift could be this good. Our patients are loving it and so are we!

Jennifer HudsonEvesham Aesthetics Clinic

Something I have never experienced before, a pleasant sensation which you can really feel it working the muscle fibres, with the combined RF adding a warmth to the fuzzy tingle. Immediately afterwards, I could see a very slight lift to the cheek/upper mouth area and felt like I had had a vigorous massage to the deepest layer of the face. With the treatment only taking 20 minutes, I will definitely be rebooking as a lunchtime treat!

Melanie Taft

I can't express how impressed I am with the 3D EMlift treatment I've received! Having experienced treatments with both the 3D EMlift and BTL EMface devices, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sensation was identical. Completely pain-free – the high intensity focused electro-magnetic technology noticeably engaged with the muscles being targeted in my face, and the Radiofrequency gave a gentle and pleasant warming sensation. The identical sensations between 3D EMlift and EMface is just another testament to the advanced technology developed for this new non-surgical treatment. I noticed an instant subtle difference in my facial structure after the very first treatment – I can’t wait to complete the course and am excited to see the results this revolutionary new treatment can achieve for clients at the clinics that are introducing 3D EMlift!



I got my stomach fat frozen – and was surprised by the results

I can see a clear change in the shape of my tummy. It looks almost flat from the side (something I haven't witnessed in over a decade) and for the first time in years, I'm not anxious about being in a swimsuit in front of people 3D Aesthetics recommends a multi-session course for the best results, but I'm delighted with my new figure following my one-off, hassle-free treatment at Champneys. It may just have convinced me that aesthetic tweakments are the way forward.

Kate ThomasHello Magazine

Absolutely first class business providing the best equipment for the aesthetics and beauty industry. They really look after their customers well. The machines are excellent value and really enhance the client experience.

Lindsey WatsonEllie Jay Medispa

I discovered 3D after doing extensive research on all the different companies that offered machines similar to the hydrafacial. I am so pleased I decided to go ahead with 3D for the 3D HydrO2 facial. As a home salon owner with just me, I was unsure if I would benefit from having an advanced machine like this and if I would make my money back. After 6 weeks back and forth with the lovely Louise in sales, I took the plunge. The whole process from start to finish was so smooth. The booking of the delivery and training date was easy. Communication via phone calls and emails was brilliant and clear. The delivery driver who set up my machine was friendly and explained everything. Training day came and John Paul was brilliant. He was knowledgeable, didn’t rush and was helpful. The print-offs used during training were clear and I could feel myself getting so excited to start. I know I’ve made the best decision going with 3D from my experience so far and the interest I’ve had so far from clients wanting this treatment has blown me away. The opportunities are endless with this machine due to the number of technologies and the feedback so far has been amazing. It looks so professional! Thank you so much 3D for basically turning my business around and I look forward to the future. Now, what to choose for my next machine ….. !!!!

Emma ShawHouse of Skin

3D Aesthetics
3D Aesthetics
Looking for new technology is a minefield when there are so many brands marketing their machines. I did my research thoroughly, and choosing 3D Aesthetics was the best decision I’ve made; it has completely changed my business for the better. I purchased the 3D Dermaforce and the 3D lipo-ultimatepro, and both have brought many new clients through my clinic doors, and the results have been incredible. The machines are excellent, but it is the training and support that makes this company stand out from the crowd. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend 3D Aesthetics. They have won me, and I’m hard to please!

Jo MinchinClever Contours

I have never had the 3D HydrO2 facial before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It's incredibly relaxing and makes you feel refreshed following treatment. My skin felt super bright and rejuvenated showing immediate results after just one session! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested.

Louise Wallace

Kristina Rihanoff
Kristina Rihanoff
I have an amazing 3D HydrO2 facial machine from the company called 3D Aesthetics. It's incredible! It cleanses and hydrates and I can really see a difference!

Kristina RihanoffProfessional Dancer and Salon Owner

From my initial enquiry to receiving my 3D lipo-ultimatepro, the help and support from the 3D team were thorough and comprehensive. My machine arrived as planned, was set up, and the technician talked me through it. The two-day training was through and ensured I felt competent with how to use the machine. The enthusiasm for this machine with my clients is high, and the results I see already are brilliant. I am delighted that I chose 3D Aesthetics and that I am part of their clinic family!

DermalEssence Aesthetics

Honestly, it was such a risk for me to get this machine, I was terrified spending so much plus worrying about where I live/ not being in a big city etc. I worried if people would pay and if the results would be good enough to justify the cost and then I’m getting results like this 🤩 sooo pleased I took the risk!

Gemma ArmstrongThe Skin Retreat

My awesome husband lent me the money to buy the 3D Trilogyice & Vasculase machine in February. I just paid him back half the amount a month later!

Celeste3D Body Contouring Ltd

I’ve never had anything like this before and I’ve always been intrigued by it and I guess what was the most surprising thing was how comfortable it was… Afterwards, I’m completely fine, there’s not as much redness as what you may expect …I barely feel like anything was done which is great.

Danielle HineFreelance journalist

Incredibly relaxing, I really really wasn’t expecting it. I thought it was going to hurt and I was very concerned about afterwards walking away with the red face, but I have to say it was super relaxing…I’ve just seen the photos before and after and …., I’m quite surprised to see that I can already see a slightly more youthful look and I am already seeing results.

Emma ParfrementMedical & Wellness journalist

I really like the way that they have this inclusive approach to the industry at large, they really seem to improve accessibility, to reach more patients, and I like that. I really like their forward-thinking innovation, and particularly with this machine, I like the way that I can control the application to each individual patient. I’ve found that the patients find it more comfortable, and what I really like about the 3D Dermaforce is the unusual vacuum function which creates an even platform for the skin so that you can account for things like skin contour, skin irregularities and skin laxity, so the radio frequency is delivered evenly throughout.

Dr Jonquille ChantreyUK's Leading Aesthetic Surgeon

If like me, you’ve tried every avenue for your skin, this is literally the latest and the most amazing treatment to have! My skin already feels plumper and tighter – I really recommend it.

Stephanie DavisActress

As a busy mummy, I need treatments that are non-invasive and have no downtime. This facial was perfect for me, and after a couple of days, my skin is looking tighter and brighter.

Christine McGuinnessModel and Real Housewives of Cheshire star

We have now upgraded to the 3D-lipo ultimatepro, and this is our third machine with 3D Aesthetics. We have always achieved fantastic results with our machines, and I have always found 3D Lipo to be super helpful and prompt when answering questions or queries. I have dealt with many of the team at 3D Aesthetics, and although they are all lovely, I must say one of the trainers Jo and, customer services manager Emma are both absolutely lovely. I always find they are happy to help and always go over and beyond with their support. Thank you to all the team at 3D Aesthetics. I would recommend them to anyone.

LaurenNorwich Face and Body Clinic

"After much deliberation, I decided to purchase the 3D Hydr02 facial machine. From the minute I spoke with the sales team it pathed the way for a seamless process. My machine was ordered and straight after Jackie and her team offered a first class service. The whole process was impeccable. I received all the necessary training manuals, a list of consumables, marketing material in plenty of time so that I could print it ready for delivery of my machine. The delivery date of my was set arranged around myself and prior to my machine arriving, I received a video explaining everything I needed to know. My machine was delivered by Pete who was outstanding (even though he’d been driving for hours). He set everything up and ensured that it was in good working order before leaving. Then the training day arrives. Again prior to the day Jackie and team ensured that I had everything I needed for the day. I had never used teams before. Therefore, they arranged a dummy run to ensure that I knew what to expect on the day. Even though the training was online, Nicola’s delivery was professional, extremely informative and seamless. Myself and my colleague thoroughly enjoyed the training and felt confident afterwards. I really can not recommend 3D Lipo enough and when I’m ready to purchase another machine it will definitely be from them. Thank you so much for all your support and for helping me grow my business."

Lisa HurstGraceful Aesthetics

"Love 3D Aesthetics machines !!!! I have purchased 6 machines all in lockdown as their machines and offers are truly amazing. I have got a lot more clients now and the results of these machine treatments are brilliant. I would highly recommend 3D machines to anyone looking for quality professional affordable machines which are delivering treatments /results just like any medical machine would !!!!"

MeetaSkin Expert

"Here at Weston Beauty Clinic we have had our 3D ultimate machine for 18 months now and are over the moon with the results and feedback from our clients. It's so convenient and efficient to have all technologies all on one machine and to offer such a range of treatment plans to our clients. 3D training and trainer was professional and very helpful. We felt we learned so much and are now able to use our knowledge to help clients achieve optimal results. Any problems we have had regarding the machine or a question customer service has always been efficient and reliable. Thank you 3D Aesthetics."

Claire FilbyWeston Beauty Clinic

"From buying my first ‘big’ machine for my clinic I’ve had a great experience with 3D Aesthetics. My machine arrived within days of ordering and was set up smoothly. It’s been a great investment and my clients love the results, as do I 😉 thanks again!"

DiannaSkin By Dianna

"We currently own multiple 3D machines and they are absolutely brilliant. Our clients are over the moon with the results they have received using 3D treatments and the machines are so easy to use. The 3D HydrO2 facial and 3D-lipo ultimatepro machines and their vast technologies allow us to treat all of our client's individual needs while providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back. These treatments have quickly become our most popular bookings and we couldn't ask for a more professional company to help us along the way. Any queries we have are answered promptly and in depth. Thank you 3D!"

FAB Clinic

"I can not recommend 3D enough! I have 6 of their machines so far and each and everyone gives me 100% results, I started out with the 3D-lipo ultimatepro, I loved that so much I purchased another and so on. I am really impressed and my business is booming thanks to them, their customer service and training in 100% and I have never been disappointed, if anyone is looking for such top quality machines that actually deliver the results then look no further. Thank you 3D x"

Dolly & Dimples Cosmetic & Skincare Specialists

"All we can say is amazing! The machines are fantastic and here at Sularis we are getting brilliant results. We have purchased the 3D-lipo ultimatepro, the 3D Powersculpt, 3D HIFU and the 3D Hydr02 facial machine. We could not have done any of this without the support from Mr Toby Cowley. He has been outstanding through our journey so far and we are excited to work with him in the future. All the team at 3D Aesthetics are lovely and we can't thank them enough :-)"


"As a clinic owner with seven 3D Aesthetics machines I have to say I am very satisfied with the machines and every department provides excellent/outstanding service whenever is need it. Highly recommend it as a manufacturer to everyone!"

Monika GalFacial and Body Sculpting by Monika

"I’ve been using 3D Nanosure for about 6 or 7 months now, and I've got 8 years of experience using Q-switch machines. The, spot size is very good which means you can cover the area well, so when doing the tattoo removal treatment, its much quicker compared to Q switch lasers I've used in the past, it's reliable and it works well. The treatment is great for my clients who are looking to fade their tattoos to allow them to have a cover up on the area. I’m really happy with the machine, and would definitely recommend 3D Aesthetics."

DavidWest London Ink

"As an existing customer of 3D, I was expecting to see good results with this machine, but was overwhelmed by the results of 3D Powersculpt! Our clients are seeing significant results after even just 4 sessions. It is also great when used in combination with other treatments too, and is great for repeat business. I have been in the industry for 25 years and this is the best machine that I have bought in terms of producing results for my clients."

Juliet LawMedispa S10

"I have the 3D Trilogyice and 3D lipo ultimate machine. From my first interaction with them, I felt convinced that I had chosen the best company for so many reasons. The company is very visible and extremely supportive. I found 3D Aesthetics the most reliable and trustworthy as the equipment and results speak for themselves. Roy surrounds himself with the professional team, who add the personal touch. Dale, Jackie, Emma, Hanna and the best team of engineers and trainers would go the extra mile to help. I would not hesitate to say 3D Aesthetics equipment leads to a successful well-reputed, and result-driven business.

Sarah SomSarah M Laser & Skin Clinic

3D Test_jas gujral
3D Test_jas gujral
The devices I have purchased are very effective in the treatments we perform. The service from 3D-lipo from purchase to training and support has been excellent. 3D has made it possible to purchase high-end aesthetics equipment through affordable payment plans for clinics like ours.

Jas GujralMarsh Medical Skin Clinic

“3D-lipo has revolutionised the cosmetic medicine industry. Efficacious and affordable, patients and doctors alike love this treatment – it is a win-win situation.”

Paul BanwellFRCS (Plast) Director The Banwell Clinic

3D Test_dr leah totton
3D Test_dr leah totton
I have been a customer of 3D Aesthetics now for over 7 years. There are so many device manufacturers in the marketplace, and I have stuck with the brand for such a long period of time because of their ability to create platforms that have multi-functions. It allows me to have a bespoke offering for all of my client's needs. What I love about our devices from 3D Aesthetics is that you can offer multiple treatments from just one machine. From the investment point of view, versus the benefit you get as a clinic in terms of your treatment offering, it makes financial sense, and of course the level of support that you obtain from 3D Aesthetics as a supplier. Dr Leah Clinics have had great success with 3D Aesthetics devices and I would happily recommend them to other clinic owners.

Dr Leah TottonDr Leah Clinics

This high-end technology from 3D Aesthetics allows me to offer a larger variety of non-surgical treatments than I would have with a single technology platform. Due to this, my treatment menu is larger and I can tailor my treatments to each individual client's concerns.

Suzette LimSvelte Body Clinic Ltd

I have had the most fantastic experience with this company and I could not recommend them enough. Dale is such a dream, no pushy sales, just lots of helpful information and no pressure to buy. Once I had decided to purchase 2 machines, she passed me over onto Jackie, who is literally the best! She organised everything from the machine delivery to our online training. Pete came to deliver our machines, he was so lovely and took the time to show us all the different elements to the machines and made videos for us so we would have a point of reference. The training was brilliant, very detailed and really enjoyable. I have also spoken to Roy a couple of times and he has been so helpful and his passion for the machines really shines through. Above all though, the aftercare from this company has been brilliant. I never hesitate to pick up the phone to call them if I have any questions. We as a clinic were very new to medical devices, but 3D have made the transition so easy for us, that I am now looking at investing in another machine with them! We are receiving brilliant client feedback and I can honestly say working with this company has benefited my clinic hugely. Dr. Jaskaren Midha, Medi Glow Clinic, Leeds

Dr Jaskaren MidhaMedi Glow Clinic

If you like microdermabrasion, this [3D HydrO2 facial] is like 10 times better. Look how amazing my skin looks!

Luisa ZissmanEntrepreneur & Star of The Apprentice

Our business model promotes excellence and the most up-to-date technology in the beauty industry. Using 3D- lipo allows us to offer this to our clients and the results always live up to people's expectations.

Natasha ListerThe Retreat

Great to see Dr Leah’s clinic doing so well RT due to amazing results and unprecented demand, [Dr Leah Clinics] have just invested in 2nd 3D-lipo machine

Lord SugarBusiness Mogul

Loving having my @3dlipo treatments. I'm comfortable in my own body but everyone has their own little hang ups and for me, I wanted to tone, sculpt, and target certain areas which we did today! Big thanks to @3dlipo

Jessica ShearsLove Island

3D Test_dr martyn king
3D Test_dr martyn king
I have steered away from your typical spa facials, which may be pampering, but don’t actually do anything for the skin, and have more interest in evidence based, high end technology which actually produces tangible results. The 3D-HydrO2 facial offers multiple technologies in a single device, allowing us to focus on specific problems and to show clear, lasting results to our patients. I have been very impressed with the results, and the patient feedback has been amazing.

Dr Martyn KingCosmedic Clinic

3D Test_chelsee lewis
3D Test_chelsee lewis
3D-HIFU is one of the best technologies in the beauty industry, also known as the 'non-surgical face lift' treatment. As I have a high-end client base, I only offer the best technologies on the market in my clinic. This is definitely  one of our most popular treatment offerings with clients who are after a refreshed look, wanting to wipe away the years.

Chelsee LewisCelebrity Facialist

It’s crazy to think this image shows how I was a few weeks ago and how I am now after undergoing just a couple of @3dlipo @3dlipoleamingtonspa treatments. Feel so much better and healthier in myself. Looking forward to carrying on the transformation!

Antony CostaSinger-Songwriter & Actor

We purchased a 3D-lipomed machine back in July and can honestly say, the support and training we have received has been exceptional. Being new to this industry and working amidst a pandemic has been difficult to say the least, but 3D have been with us throughout. Highly recommended as a trainer and provider.

Hilary JonesBe U Beauty

I have had a fantastic experience with 3D Aesthetics so far and would highly recommend them. I have purchased the 3D-lipo ultimatepro and 3D HIFU desk top and will be looking at buying more machines in the future. When I first enquired, I was pleasantly surprised to be speaking directly with Roy Cowley, the Founder of 3D Aesthetics. He answered every question I had and really made me feel reassured that I had made the right decision to choose this company. Investing in new machines like this during the national lockdown was risky, but I'm so glad I did as I have had a great return so far and this is before I'd done any advertising! The most important thing though is that I'm getting great results for my clients! My trainer Joanne was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout training and I know that if I have any questions regarding treatments or use of the machines, that someone from the team will get back to me very quickly. Thank you to everyone at 3D Aesthetics!

Rebecca BrownPermanent Perfection Aesthetics

I have purchased several machines from this company & have been very happy with the results from the machines I have 3D-lipo ultimatepro, HIFU Face & Body, 3D HydrO2 facial & the chin fat freezing! Service is excellent from Roy, sales and the tech team. If there is an issue with anything they can get someone out immediately which is really reassuring! When you're buying the machine there’s so much help & support. Thanks to the whole team for everything.

Louise NolanYork 3D-lipo

I have had one treatment and noticed the difference straight away! I couldn’t believe it! I can see a major difference, I’ve definitely got a flatter tummy, I’ll definitely have it again for a special occasion, or when I go on holiday to give me a boost!

Amy ChildsTV Personality and Business Woman

Amazing results with the new 3D-lipo Ultimate Pro. Roy is very helpful especially through lockdown & for organising my machine. Jackie is professional & helps with any enquiries. The training is very thorough & of a high standard. The tech team are on it any problem it’s sorted if you call them regarding a problem with the machine they will be out the next day! Very reassuring when you have a full day of clients. I’m seeing an increase of new & regular clients as results have been amazing! I’m going to get the new 3D-HydrO2 facial and would recommend 3D-lipo to anyone wanting to introduce an exciting & profitable piece of equipment into your clinic.

James RonaldsonYork 3D-lipo

3D Test_myrachle
3D Test_myrachle
The amazing results from the treatments give you pride and confidence in the services that you offer but all the more you feel so supported with the brilliant customer service you get with their team. We are very happy customers and would over and over recommend 3D Aesthetics to those who are thinking of extending their specialities and treatments.

MyrachleThe Spa Rituals

The team at 3D are great, always helpful and they give great customer service. As a brand they are always evolving looking for new technologies to bring to market. With their bespoke training centre you can be sure they are ready to help you understand and perform the treatments whilst understanding the science behind it all.

Natalie MeekRenatus Clinic

I think its brilliant, I feel like I’ve actually done a workout! I’m really pleased with the results.

Ashleigh JacksonIFBB Elite Pro Bikini Athlete

I had an amazing facial from 3D-HydrO2 facial when they came to my house the other day and my skin has been left feeling fresh and glowing.

Billie FaiersReality Star & TV Personality

Due to the number of technologies available on the HydrO2 facial, I am able to treat pretty much all of my client’s facial concerns. It enables me to create bespoke facial plans which are suited to each individual client, allowing us to work with them to achieve their ultimate skin goals. Our clients are seeing fantastic results with this treatment.

Amanda CorriganDerma Pro Aesthetics

‘It had given me a complete fresh glow and got rid of the congestion in my skin I was suffering from. I can’t recommend it enough!

Danielle LloydFormer Miss Great Britain

I see this playing a conventional part in the fitness industry and as trainers I think we’ve got to move with technology

Mike HindVoted UK’s Best Personal Trainer

3D Test_mirror online
3D Test_mirror online
I lost 17.5 inches from my waist, hips and chest and now- a year later- I've managed to keep it off. Having 3D-lipo means I'm wearing shape hugging clothes again. I feel so confident.

Sharron MorrowThe Mirror

3D Test_mirror online
3D Test_mirror online
But after just one painless session of 3D-lipo, although at first I thought my eyes were tricking me into seeing something I wanted to see – there was a noticeable difference. After two sessions, I knew for sure it wasn’t my eyes being deceived, the treatment was really starting to contour my body again in a way I thought was now unachievable. After having my bum and legs done, I’ve now paid to have the treatment on my stomach – and area I never thought I’d even let anyone look at again. My body has now been transformed entirely and I’ve got the confidence I thought was lost to pursue my modelling career again.

Sophie PattersonMirror Online

I found that 3D- lipo wasn’t another typical gimmicky machine, 3D actually showed great results. Also, I found 3D to be a solid and reliable company who invested in the brand as well as their customers. I only use 3D-lipo technology within my clinic as it’s all I need to be a success.

Celeste Savage3D Body Contouring

My clients are seeing a difference from just one 3D Trilogyice treatment and because of these results, I am seeing a lot of repeat customers. When comparing prices, I found that the 3D Trilogyice was affordable for both me and my clients.

Rinku TailorBeautique Skin Clinic

Many people recommend the treatment, and celebrity fans include Katie Price, Amy Childs, and Anthony Costa.  

Jessica LindsayMetro Online

I tried it on my legs and it does work. My jeans definitely felt looser

Cheryl CarterThe Sun

The results are unbelievable. Without scalpels, I’ve lost 5cm – and it should last at least nine months. Bel Jacobs

Bel JacobsThe Metro

The 3D ultimate machine is fantastic, as it allows me to offer a bespoke approach for each client due to the range of technologies on one device. All of the treatments are completely pain-free and don’t require any downtime which is great as not many of us can afford to take weeks off work to allow time for a surgical tummy tuck. This makes anyone suitable for treatment! The staff at 3D are amazing and Im very happy with my experience so far. I would also like to make a point of praising the training courses as they are the best that I have ever been on!

Laura ConwaySimply Hair and Beauty Lounge

Tattoo removal with 3D Nanosure is in high demand at our clinic. Our clients love this treatment due to them being able to see the ink from their tattoos 'shattering' during treatment, with their tattoos visibly fading after just one or two sessions. Treatments are quick and affordable for the client, with amazing results.

Zach Law3D Aesthetics- Flagship Clinic

I am really impressed with the 3D-Vasculase. I had some red veins on my nose that I’ve masked with thick foundation for years, and after one quick treatment they were gone. This treatment was quick and not that painful at all. One happy customer.


I can’t believe that from just one treatment my spider veins are now gone. It’s amazing to see them literally disappearing during treatment! If I’d have known how quick and easy the treatment was, I would have had this a long time ago. Highly recommend for anyone with unwanted spider veins.


I’m absolutely loving 3D-lipo, it’s so effective and quick, what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Patsy KensitActress

Thank you to @3Dlipo @wprbeauty for helping me also 16.5 inches lost @wprbeauty

Gemma CollinsTV Personality and Business Woman

Just been to @Malinki_Brows for the 3d lipo its amazing #skintightening #radiofrequency

Alex GerrardModel & Fashion Columnist

Proud of my progress so far, thanks @3Dlipo for helping me all the way throughout my journey #3Dlipo

Anthony CostaSinger-Songwriter & Actor

Shout out to @3Dlipo for an amazing treatment the other day! @skinassociates x

Alexandra BurkeSinger-Songwriter

3D Test_ok magazine
3D Test_ok magazine
There was a visible reduction in cellulite and, amazingly, after just one session I lost an incredible 10 inches from all over my body!

Nicola AgiusOK! Magazine

3D Test_ok magazine
3D Test_ok magazine
This is the favourite facial of the rich and famous include Billie Faiers and Danielle Lloyd.

OK! Magazine

The saying 'a tattoo is for life' is no longer relevant. We all have tattoos we regret, and this treatment saved me from my tattoo embarrassment and also enabled me to create the artwork that I now want on my skin. I have had four treatments fading one tattoo to the point where I could cover it and I am now working on another area. I am so happy with my 3D Nanosure treatment, and will definitely be having more in the future.


3D Test_chelsee lewis
3D Test_chelsee lewis
Having launched the 3D-HydrO2 facial in my clinic, it allows me to offer a completely bespoke five star facial experience to my clients. As a celebrity facialist, many of my clients require treatments that leave them ‘red carpet ready’ and this facial leaves my clientele with hydrated, firmer, glowing skin. I am receiving fantastic feedback from my clients who are loving the results, and I can highly recommend this as one of the best facials on the market.

Chelsee LewisCelebrity Facialist

This facial is jam packed with stages that feel like your skin is having a total makeover and a very thorough deep cleanse before all the goodness is added back in.

Beauty and the Dirt

We have been with 3D lipo for many years and have purchased multiple equipment from them. They are such a wonderful team to work with and Jo is such a fantastic trainer! Thank you so much for always looking after us!

Trudy FreidmanAesthetic Skin Care Centre

I purchased my first machine from 3D-lipo over four years ago now and the whole journey has been amazing. I looked into getting my 3D Trilogyice machine back in 2018 – and it was a great decision. It might just be hair removal, but for some of my clients it’s been a life changing treatment – they no longer have to worry about shaving or waxing, and it’s allowed them to live a life feeling more confident.

Gemma WhittakerClinic 23

I've had four 3D Nanosure tattoo removal treatments now and the results speak for themselves. My tattoo has massively faded, and I think with a couple more sessions it could be completely gone. Its definitely something that I would recommend to those with unwanted tattoos, and I cant wait to have my next treatment!


Instant results. Just amazing to see my unsightly veins disappear! They’ve troubled me for years and just like that they were gone. I love this treatment.


3D Test_dr martyn king
3D Test_dr martyn king
I have recently upgraded to the 3D-lipo ultimatepro which I am extremely happy with. There have been many improvements in the technology, dual cryolipolysis hand pieces, the machine is more robust, and user friendly, and the results and patient feedback has been amazing.

Dr Martyn KingCosmedic Clinic

The treatments available, and the results seen from the 3D-HydrO2 facial have completely amazed me. Happy Clients = a very happy me! It definitely makes the training and investment worthwhile! The results that my clients see from my professional facial means that they book look and feel great and they absolutely love seeing their #facegunk following the treatments!

Anita ThompsonSimply Silhouettes

“I’m absolutely loving 3D- lipo! It’s so effective and quick – what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

Patsy KensitActress

3D Test_ok magazine
3D Test_ok magazine
The creators of the 3D-HydrO2 facial have dubbed it the ‘#fiveStarFacial’ and I have to say, that’s not simply them blowing their own trumpet. Even days later, my skin looks and feels incredible.

Vicky NewmanSenior Celebrity Reporter, Daily Mirror

Started my 3D Lipo course today @Malikni_Brows. Thanks girls, enjoyed the treatment xx

Coleen RooneyAuthor & TV Personality

A little Saturday treat with a facial from @aestheticsyoungandbeautiful @sooyogauk! Thank you so much for my glowing skin and lovely relaxing facial massage!

Kristina RihanoffProfessional Dancer & Former Strictly Come Dancing Star

Discover 3D-lipo, the high tech secret to a bikini body!

The Daily Express

3D Test_the daily star
3D Test_the daily star
‘I tried out the 3D-HydrO2 facial and was left glowing after the seven stages’

The Daily Star on Sunday

3D Test_ok magazine
3D Test_ok magazine
I lost ten inches across my stomach! There were o after affects, or recovery time, and it gave long term results rather than a quick fix

Zoe HillOK! Magazine

“I chose to have the 3D-HydrO2 facial at 3D-lipo Leamington Spa. I had heard great things about it and having so much skin it really was the next level! My skin was left feeling squeaky clean with a super sheen!

Dr Milad ShadroohThe Singing Dentist

3D-lipo definitely brings a lot to Glow! We began our journey with one 3D-Lipomed and now have a 3D-Ultimate, 3D-Ultimatepro, 3D-HIFU and now the brand-new 3D-HydrO2 machine! These treatments are definitely one of the most popular treatments that we offer at our clinic. Our clients are absolutely loving their results with both body and face treatments! We get a lot of repeat customers and see many clients coming into clinic through recommendations from our other clients!

Sue AdamsGlow Clinic

The results that the machines produce are fantastic. We’ve even had celebs such as Danielle Lloyd and Peter Andre walk through our doors for this treatment and our clinic has been featured in the national press because of this. Due to the excitement and demand created around this treatment, it has also massively increased our monthly turnover.

Zach Law3D Aesthetics- Flagship Clinic