3D EMlift

3D EMlift is an advanced device that combines cutting-edge technologies that are proven to deliver impressive facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing results. This innovative system utilises High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy combined with Radio Frequency (RF) to remodel and restore your client’s skin.

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy selectively engages the muscles, enhancing muscle density and quality, restoring and elevating the support of facial features. RF technology effectively increases the stimulation of collagen production and elastin fibres through dermal heating. This process results in smoother and more youthful-looking skin.



Technology Focus

Muscle stimulation

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology targets and revitalises facial muscles. It enhances muscle density and quality by selectively engaging these muscles, resulting in a lifted and more defined facial contour.

Let’s Get Technical

What’s Included?

Why 3D EMlift?

  • Remarkable outcomes for facial lifting and anti-ageing
  • Convenient, hands-free procedure
  • Complete facial treatment in just 20 minutes.
  • Optimum results achieved with as little as three to four sessions.
  • Simultaneous targeting of both muscles
    and skin.
  • Cost-effective treatment option.
  • Affordable treatments.
  • Completely non-invasive with no downtime required.


Still not convinced?


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