3D Nanosure

A comprehensive laser device that offers an affordable solution for the removal of unwanted tattoos across a wide spectrum of ink colours.

The 3D Nanosure uses a dual wavelength laser with Q-switching application to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted dark and multi-coloured tattoos.

The laser technology allows therapists to carry out not only tattoo removal treatments, but also benign pigmented lesion removal, skin rejuvenation in addition to carbon facials.



Treatments Available

Tattoo Removal

  • Dual wavelength technology
  • Uses Q-switching to remove tattoos safely and without scarring
  • Removes 95% of tattoos
  • Suitable for skin types 1-5
  • Can treat most areas of the body
  • Precision application due to adjustable spot size
  • Results visible after just one treatment and will improve throughout course duration

Let’s Get Technical

What’s Included?

Why 3D Nanosure?

3D Nanosure offers the gold standard in dual wavelength Q-switched ND:YAG technology, whilst boasting the very highest specification. This, combined with the best price available on the market today, will ensure that 3D Nanosure is the preferred choice for advanced tattoo removal and facial laser resurfacing.

  • Affordable treatments
  • Minimal pain
  • No downtime
  • Fast results
  • Most competitively priced system of its type on the market
  • Provides a new profit centre for your clinic in this lucrative new area
  • Adds a range of additional new treatments


Still not convinced?


If you would like to find out more about the 3D Nanosure, or to arrange a free virtual demonstration, please contact our friendly team today on 01788 550440 or complete our online enquiry form.