3D Visage

3D-Visage is a comprehensive face scanner designed to complement all cosmetic facial treatments and surgical procedures. It allows you to prescribe treatments based on your client’s scan results which will highlight their specific skin concerns. Following this, you can then prove the efficacy of your treatment offering by showcasing before and afters, with a stunning 3D visual, backed by accurate metrics.


The Technology


3D Visage provides you and your clients with a visual representation of the client’s skin hydration, pigmentation levels and congestion, amongst so much more. We provide the client with their true skin age based on complex algorithms supplying them with a revolutionary new metric to guide the selection of skin care products and treatment options.

Incorporated into 3D-Visage is a custom library of consumable products designed to aid in the upsell of skincare pre and post treatment, recommending products to your clients based on the results of their scan.


Face Scanning

  • A visual of the client’s face from 3 angles
  • Scoring based on comparison with the world’s largest skin type database
  • Analyse hydration level, pigmentation levels, congestion, wrinkles, skin texture, UV spots, brown spots, red areas and porphyrins
  • Comparison page for use in before and afters
  • Scans are recorded on the clinic’s own software dashboard for record keeping and comparison
  • Automatically prescribes skincare based on the client’s skin type


Let’s Get Technical

Why 3D Visage?

  • Fast and accurate consultation
  • Allows for a more bespoke treatment for their skin type
  • Increases trust in results
  • Have custom skincare prescribed automatically
  • Used as an upsell tool to prescribe bespoke treatments
  • Increase skin care spend
  • Increase client trust
  • Low investment
  • Complements all surgical or non-surgical facial cosmetic treatments
  • High spec device

Still not convinced?


If you would like to find out more about the 3D Visage, or to arrange a free virtual demonstration, please contact our friendly team today on 01788 550440 or complete our online enquiry form.