When purchasing a new machine for your clinic, it’s important that you get the required resources to successfully promote your treatments.

That’s why we offer comprehensive marketing support to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools to make your new investment a success.

National PR

Our brand is loved by celebrities and the media alike. We are renowned in the industry for the level of celebrity PR and media exposure surrounding our brand. No other company across our sector invests so heavily in the level of national brand awareness to support its clients. We act on a national scale, creating press campaigns with well-known celebrities, which sees our brand and our treatments exposed to millions.

Our clinics reap the rewards of this. With demand for treatment soaring, and thousands of potential customers being directed to our clinic finder, it leads potential customers to your clinic. This also allows our clinics to act on a local level, to utilise this amazing press in your own advertising.

Seasonal Campaigns

All clients have access to seasonal campaign materials, released on a quarterly basis via our client e-zone. These include poster artwork and social media images to help promote your treatments around specific seasons or events. These are developed in house, by our design team and are a great tool to advertise your treatments both in-house and online, without you having to put in the time, money and effort in having to create your own promotions.

Client e-zone

A favourite among our community of clinics, this is the go-to ‘hub’ available to all customers to access the latest marketing materials from the company. This is where you can download all required logos, imagery and artwork for our treatments, in addition to our seasonal campaigns and customer facing point of sale items.

Free Facebook Marketing Consultations

Facebook is an extremely powerful platform that can be used for online marketing and ultimately to drive customers to your clinic. We understand that it can be tough to get your head around online marketing, and it can often take a lot of time and research to understand how to successfully promote your clinic online.

That’s why we have developed a partnership with industry online marketing expert, Kris Trinity, to offer our clients a free Facebook advertising consultation worth £250 on ‘How to DOUBLE your appointments and profits in 30 days with Facebook Ads’.

Over the past 3 years, Kris has helped 3D clinics across the UK increase their sales for a range of 3D devices.

Exclusive 3D Marketing Course

Following on from the popularity of our free Facebook marketing consultations on offer with Kris, he has developed an exclusive marketing course available only to our clients, which is a comprehensive range of value-added content and videos to teach you ‘How to quickly and cost-effectively acquire customers for your new 3D treatments’ (Worth £1,000).

Why Choose 3D?


  • National PR & Media Exposure
  • Seasonal Campaign Posters & Social Media Imagery
  • Exclusive access to our client marketing e-zone
  • Starter pack containing customer leaflets, posters and more
  • FREE Facebook advertising consultation with industry online marketing expert Kris Trinity worth £250
  • Access to our exclusive marketing course developed by Kris Trinity on ‘How to quickly and cost-effectively acquire customers for your new 3D treatments’ (worth £1000)



Still not convinced?


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