Dr Jonquille Chantrey on 3D EMlift


We’re excited to be featured in The Sun article, in which Dr Jonquille discusses the importance of the right skincare products and treatments, including the latest addition to her clinic – 3D EMlift.

As an expert in anti-ageing treatments, she highlights the benefits of our latest device and how she incorporates it with other treatments for the best results in ØNE aesthetic studiø in Alderley Edge, frequently visited by many celebrities.

Commenting on her latest addition, 3D EMlift Dr Jonquille says:

“We use this extensively with other treatments in our clinic to create a brow lift & stimulate the midface muscles, which help to lift the face in a very natural way. […] Combining the 3D EMlift with our 3D Dermaforce microneedling with radiofrequency device is extremely popular with our patients to increase collagen and create smoother, firmer, brighter skin.”

“We treat many different types of patients from all walks of life including lots of people in the public eye under high scrutiny. […] All our patients want safe, effective results with low downtime. […] In my practice, I lead with evidence-based medicine and so our protocols and prescriptions have a clear scientific strategy behind them and each one is bespoke to the patient.

“When combining devices such as the 3D EMlift and Dermaforce with individualised medical skincare protocols, this can significantly prevent further ageing whilst improving the appearance of the skin far faster than with over-the-counter skin care alone.”


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