Revolutionising the aesthetics industry – unveiling the 3D EMlift clinical trial results


On April 24, we hosted the exclusive 3D EMlift VIP conference and clinical trial release at the Academy of Medical Sciences in London. This event was dedicated to the official release of the clinical trial results from a recent study conducted by Dr Abs Stettipalli. VIP guests, including press and clinic owners, attended this exclusive conference. The day consisted of a series of presentations from key industry leaders and renowned aesthetics experts, including Dr Jonquille Chantrey and Dr Abs Settipalli.

The event commenced with educational presentations from key speakers, including Dr Abs and Dr Jonquille. Dr Abs shared his perspectives on the anti-ageing industry and the efficacy of various treatments. His presentation delved into the clinical trial findings of 3D Aesthetic’s latest device, providing a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact on the industry. Dr Abs emphasised the need for a holistic approach to anti-ageing and expressed his reservations on the overreliance on Botulinum Toxin, saying: “The first response to a patient wanting to have anti-ageing treatment or to look better should not be a toxin.”

He highlighted the adverse effects of repeated and inappropriate use of Botulinum Toxins, citing independent studies to support his claims. Moreover, Dr Abs presented compelling evidence of the negative consequences of toxin injections on skin quality, showcasing data that demonstrated deterioration in elasticity and firmness.

“What it actually showed us was that the elasticity and things like firmness completely deteriorate afterwards. Now, you may get some reduction of wrinkles and lines, but I’m not saying you won’t. We’ve all seen the effects of Botulinum Toxin, but repeated and inappropriate use shows that these are the negative consequences. “

Dr Abs argued for a shift towards technologies like the 3D EMlift, which focuses on improving skin quality rather than solely targeting muscular movement. “If you reach for technologies like 3D EMlift, you enhance the quality of skin; you improve tissues as early as possible. There is no need to go for Botulinum Toxin because movement is not necessarily what causes wrinkles.” Dr Abs” insights emphasised the importance of prioritising tissue quality enhancement in anti-ageing treatments, laying a foundation for long-term results.

He also added, “I was behind the trial to find the data as to what it does to our skin, especially relative to things like toxin. What we found was that it makes the skin much much firmer, very, very quickly, which is the opposite of what we see with toxin when compared to previous data.”

The unveiling of the clinical trial results added weight to Dr Abs’ insights, showcasing significant improvements, including 100% firmer skin, 94% visible lift, 94% fewer wrinkles, and an 82% increase in muscle tone, with immediate changes observed.

“We found that very quickly, skin firmness increased, and it increased for every single patient, and the point of this study is to realise that you shouldn’t jump to injectables every single time, and there’s much more to it. Combination therapy is key, especially using technology like the 3D EMlift”.

After Dr Abs’ insightful talk, Dr Jonquille Chantrey took to the stage to share her perspective as an expert in aesthetic medicine. She emphasised the versatility and effectiveness of 3D EMlift, a treatment that she offers at her clinic in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. She explained that the treatment is painless and quick, making it an attractive solution for patients seeking efficient results with minimal downtime. Dr Jonquille also talked about the benefits of combining 3D EMlift with other therapies to enhance overall outcomes and patient satisfaction. Demonstrating her own bespoke protocols by incorporating 3D EMlift with injectables or other non-surgical procedures, Dr Jonquille aims to optimise results and address multiple aspects of facial ageing and asymmetry.

Dr Jonquille also emphasised the growing trend of celebrities adopting 3D EMlift, with celebrities such as Sally Dynevoer, Helen Skelton, and Samia Longchambon having had 3D EMlift treatment with her clinic, citing impressive results. She highlights that 3D EMlift appeals to high-profile individuals and offers a convenient and effective solution for maintaining youthful skin. Through celebrity endorsements and success stories, Dr Jonquille reaffirmed 3D EMlift’s status as a cutting-edge treatment in the industry.

Overall, her insights highlighted 3D EMlift’s widespread efficacy in achieving natural-looking results and enhancing facial contours.

“So for the patients that were concerned about crow feet lines, forehead lines and mid facial volume deficit. If they’re nervous about other types of procedures, [3D EMlift] is a great starting point. It’s painless; there’s no downtime. […] In terms of my practice, the top patient reported that the outcome of this procedure was that they were satisfied with the definition.”

Dr Jonquille said, “I have been delighted to speak at today’s event. I have discussed the integration of 3D EMlift into clinical practice, the sorts of patients that we can treat, the indications, and how it can really help as an adjunct to improve patient outcomes. I’ve also outlined the general science and the evidence behind the technology in the product.”

After a series of presentations by industry experts, our guests were given the exclusive opportunity to witness the transformative power of the 3D EMlift treatment firsthand. In addition to the enriching presentations and hands-on experiences, the event served as a hub for networking and fostering new connections within the industry, with Dr Jonquille and Dr Abs on hand to answer any questions. As guests mingled and exchanged insights, the atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm, facilitating invaluable collaborations and partnerships. At the same time, the team at 41 Portland Place served a delicious lunch. As guests savoured each bite and exchanged lively discussions, the event encapsulated a sense of collaboration, innovation and excellence in aesthetics.

If you’re interested in learning more about 3D EMlift and its potential benefits for your clinic and clients, our team is eager to delve deeper into this cutting-edge device. Feel free to reach out to us to schedule a chat and explore the exciting opportunities it brings. We look forward to discussing how the 3D EMlift can elevate your practice and enhance the experiences of your clients.