Lauren Auchterlonie, owner of Lauren Auchterlonie Skin Studio, achieved her lifelong dream to follow her childhood passion for beauty by retraining and opening her own clinic.


In December 2022, Lauren decided it was time to take the next step and open her own skin clinic. She said I had planned on just renting a room, and then I ended up with the whole clinic in Olney, Milton Keynes – it’s the most beautiful building, built in 1642 with wooden beams everywhere. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life because I wanted to do it before I was 40, and I’m 38 now. 



How it started

“Growing up, I had a passion for beauty and skincare. However, my parents insisted that I attend university and earn a degree. So, I pursued a degree in drama and became a teacher. After teaching for 14 years, I realised it was time to follow my lifelong dream. I started by obtaining level two and three certifications in massage but soon discovered my love for skincare. While still working as Head of Drama, I began working as a self-employed therapist on Saturdays, and I also did another qualification – Level 3 in Principles of Cosmetic Practice. Over time, my clientele grew so much that I decided to quit my teaching job and pursue my passion full-time.”

Lauren stumbled upon a 3D Aesthetics advert promoting the 3D Dermaforce treatment in Professional Beauty Magazine. Having previously worked with other microneedling/RF devices, she knew that this was one of the treatments she’d definitely want to have in her clinic.

Market research

When I saw that you did RF microneedling, the price point, and the fact that for the first six months, I wasn’t going to have to pay anything because, as a new business owner, I was really excited. I came in for a demo not long after that and fell in love with 3D Dermaforce instantly! I can now do 3D Dermaforce treatments all day, every day. I absolutely love it.”

Lauren also looked at the 3D HydrO2 facial, which she said she wasn’t interested in originally, but when she was introduced to it, she could instantly see all the different ways this device can complement her skin treatments. “I thought, these two devices are great for me to start with. Now I feel like I need the whole 3D collection!”

She compared the new 3D Dermaforce machine to the one she used before at her old clinic. She wanted to make sure that 3D Dermaforce could give the same results as the previous machine. “I’ve been getting exactly the same results with 3D Dermaforce as with an £80,000 device I have previously worked with. I’ve had clients that have followed me over from the old clinic that I treated with Sylfirm and they’ve seen exactly the same results. So for me, that was the best decision as a new business.”



During her research, Lauren’s primary focus was on the price and the expected results. She also pointed out that visiting the 3D Aesthetics head offices made her realise how approachable the staff were, giving her the assurance that any help or advice needed is just a phone call away. She mentioned that having the engineers on site was an extra bonus, which is not often found with other companies in the industry.

Due to the media hype surrounding microneedling / RF treatments, Lauren also found that there was already a big awareness surrounding this treatment when she introduced it to her business.

‘People already knew the technology; they had RF microneedling before and didn’t care what machine device it was. I could never justify the high cost of some devices out there on the market, and to make a return on my investment, I would have to charge my clients a fortune for each treatment. 3D Dermaforce allows me to offer these treatments at a reasonable price while still producing some of the best results I’ve seen for my clients!’ 

Lauren, a skin specialist, considers 3D Dermaforce and 3D HydrO2 facials as essential tools for the success of her clinic. These devices not only set her business apart but also enhance the results she can provide to her clients. She emphasises that thanks to these machines, she can deliver better, longer-lasting results and create personalised treatment plans for her clients who visit her throughout the year. For example, Lauren schedules 3D Dermaforce treatments in the early months of the year to prepare clients for the summer and autumn seasons. Lauren finds that these devices are indispensable in creating customised programs, ensuring client loyalty and longevity.

In addition, the 3D HydrO2 facial device adds flexibility to her services, allowing her to combine it with radio frequency courses and customise treatments to individual needs. She also incorporates 3D HydrO2 facial technologies to enhance her DB facials, ultimately delivering bespoke and effective skincare solutions.

So because I’m a clinic that focuses on skin, I feel that you’ve got to be able to have those machines in order to be able to deliver those results because it just ‘ups’ your business and positions you a bit differently from everybody else. So for me, I think the key is that these machines are able to offer longer-term results for clients, and I am able to make bespoke plans for them.


When asked about her marketing strategy, Lauren admitted that she didn’t do a big launch. Instead, she opted for a more subtle introduction. Many of her existing clients followed her to her new clinic and Lauren said that most of them already knew the technology due to the great brand awareness of 3D Aesthetics.

In her business strategy, Lauren positions the 3D HydrO2 facial at a premium price point compared to other clinics as it is a treatment high in demand. This pricing strategy offers her room to manoeuvre with discounts, especially during periods of lower activity. By offering these discounts, she experiences heightened demand, effectively populating her appointment calendar. Lauren also leverages the appeal of package deals, allowing her to secure substantial initial revenue while providing a valuable incentive for her clients.

Lauren uses social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise her business. However, she admits that she lacks proficiency in this field. In the past, she tried to advertise in a local magazine but was disappointed with the results. Upon receiving positive feedback from other clinic owners, she approached Kris Trinity ( Facebook Advertising expert for clinic owners) for help with her Facebook Ads to increase her clinic’s visibility.

Client’s feedback

Lauren’s clients are extremely satisfied with the treatments and results. She emphasises that she never tried to oversell the treatment and would never promote anything she didn’t believe worked.

At the start of that consultation process, I’m very clear with my clients about what it will and won’t do. I clarify what we can expect from the treatment and also make it clear that the results depend on the person’s way of life, habits and choices. For instance, if someone consumes 10 McDonald’s burgers and smokes 20 cigarettes a day, it will accelerate the depletion of their collagen faster than I can replenish it. 

According to Lauren, 3D Dermaforce and 3D HydrO2 facial have been crucial in helping her expand her skin clinic. With these two devices, Lauren is able to offer advanced skin treatments and build bespoke annual treatment plans on top of traditional facials.

I don’t think I’d be able to consider myself a forward-thinking skin therapist and wouldn’t be able to get where I am now without 3D HydrO2 facial and 3D Dermaforce.

Overall experience with 3D

Lauren said that throughout the entire process, from approaching the sales team to the demo and delivery, everyone was incredibly friendly and approachable.

“I never felt embarrassed to ask any questions, as they were all eager to help me succeed. The process of obtaining and using the machine was smooth and easy. I had peace of mind knowing that the engineers were just a phone call away and could assist me with any issues I might encounter. I found everyone’s expertise and knowledge reassuring, and I appreciate how easy it was to get in touch with them. They were always available to help.”

Lauren’s story teaches us that it’s never too late to pursue your passion and change your career path. What’s even more inspiring is how she utilised advanced technology, such as the 3D Dermaforce and 3D HydrO2 facial devices, to elevate her traditional skincare treatments and deliver exceptional results to her clients. Combining her passion with the right tools has led to succession building up a loyal and repeat client base!