How one clinic owner helped her clients lose over 300 inches and 280 lbs in just four months!


Meet Abigail Devenney, a successful 24-year-old Young Innovators Award Winner and a co-owner of Julie Devenney Facial Aesthetics based in Freckleton.

A bold decision by Abi to invest her entire savings in a 3D lipo-ultimatepro device led to great success for Julie Devenney Facial Aesthetics clinic, co-owned by her and her mum Julie Devenney. The clinic, situated in Freckleton, Lancashire, has seen a significant increase in business since the introduction of the ultimate body contouring device, with thirty to forty clients per week opting for their treatments at the clinic and achieving incredible transformations. Over the four months, the clinic has helped its clients lose over 330 inches and 20 stone!

How it started


Abi’s journey with 3D Aesthetics began with a visit to another clinic where her mum, Julie, had her own 3D lipo-ultimatepro treatment. Both of them were amazed by the results achieved. At the time, Abi worked tirelessly for fifty to sixty hours a week in a restaurant to fund her start-up business, It’s Just For Me, in aesthetic aftercare. Intrigued by a tempting business opportunity, Abi visited us at our 3D Aesthetics stand at the Professional Beauty North in the hopes of gaining more insight into the industry and the range of treatments on offer from 3D Aesthetics. Our stand caught Abi’s attention just as she was about to leave, prompting her to approach us. After speaking with Imogen, our National Sales Manager, and learning more about the device, the following day, Abi decided to invest in her very own 3D lipo-ultimatepro.

She said: I just looked at my mum and said – mum, can I get one? She said – ‘Abi, no. You’ve not even thought about it’. We came home and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the machine, so we returned the next day and bought one. It was a big risk, but seeing the results for ourselves, I knew it was a good decision. 

The mother and daughter team introduced the body contouring treatments into their clinic, which, up until this point, offered injectable aesthetic treatments in November 2022. At first, their existing clients were understandably slightly sceptical about the types of results that could be achieved, but everything changed when Abi started to gain incredible results with her friends and family and shared them on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, which received a lot of interest from her potential clients.

Abi said: “I became so busy with new clients referring their friends and booking treatments that it reached the point where I had to ask people not to spread the word anymore as I was struggling to keep up with the demand!”

Client results


As Abi said, one of the most rewarding aspects of her work is seeing the confidence boost in her clients: I genuinely believe in the treatments and the great results they produce. The technology definitely works and I really enjoy the job. I love seeing my clients every week and watching their confidence grow, especially as some clients are really insecure about their bodies. Currently, the clinic welcomes over thirty clients per week, working around the clock to fit everyone in. We asked Abi about a time she felt really proud of the results achieved, and she shared an incredible success story about one of her clients – a bride-to-be who bought a package of six treatments just five weeks before her big day! It was inspiring to hear about the fantastic results she achieved. Abi took on the challenge, providing the bride with bespoke and effective treatments to help her lose inches and achieve her goals.

About three weeks before her wedding, the bride went for a dress fitting and the dress was too big! The seamstress said: “What’s happening? How are you losing so much weight so quickly?

“My client admitted she was having this treatment done, and you won’t believe what the seamstress said. She told her to stop the treatment because she was losing weight too fast, and the dress wouldn’t fit right. In the end, the dress had to be taken in 3 times before the day! In total, the bride lost 11 inches all over in just five weeks. It was crazy!”– said Abi.

For the bride, the experience was a huge confidence booster. She looked and felt amazing on her wedding day. The structured treatments provided a healthier and more sustainable way for her to reach her goals, especially in anticipation of her big day and honeymoon.

Why 3D Aesthetics?


Abi’s decision to purchase from 3D Aesthetics was backed mainly by the amazing results her mum, Julie, achieved but also by the great feedback she received from the clinic owner she had originally visited, who highly recommended the 3D Aesthetics brand.

Abi highlighted her great experience with 3D: “The training was in-depth and really interesting, and it’s easy to contact the team if I have any questions or need clarification.” A similar device from another company was recommended by a family friend, but to have the same technologies, Abi would have had to invest around 100k! Abi continued, “3D lipo-ultimatepro is very well priced, and it’s not overselling. You have all the technology that you need to offer a wide variety of treatments, which I think is really good.”

Abi added that the marketing material provided by 3D Aesthetics, such as photographs and a poster containing treatment options, are brilliant. Abi described the poster as a helpful marketing tool and a non-invasive way of generating treatment awareness and opening new conversations with clients.



Abi admitted she had no prior marketing or business experience or knowledge before investing in 3D lipo-ultimatepro and didn’t do any promotional advertising before receiving the delivery of this device. She highlighted that sharing before and after photos and implementing a referral scheme made the most significant difference in boosting her business. She regularly shares and promotes the treatments on the clinic’s social media channels with minimal paid advertising. “The most I spend on an ad is about £30, but I stopped them now as I am fully booked! I am actually in the process of training another therapist and marketing executive to try and keep up with demand.”


Abi also took advantage of the free marketing consultation with industry expert Kris Trinity, which is available to all 3D Aesthetics clinics, and booked two further meetings with him, gaining some valuable insights and knowledge about the marketing and upselling of the treatments. Interestingly, the clinic has found a great alternative to Botox for those who are hesitant about it. Using radio frequency technology found in the 3D lipo-ultimatepro, Abi provides a non-surgical brow lift for just £25 per session. Often, when clients come to her clinic, they become curious about other treatments and inquire about working on other areas of their body. What a great upsell idea!

Return on investment


Since introducing the 3D lipo-ultimatepro into her mum’s clinic in November 2022, Abi was able to pay this device off in just five months! “With no assistance and a small clinic, it was definitely a big risk to begin with, as I could not foresee the demand for these types of treatments in our area. However, I was able to earn back my investment fairly quickly and will soon be hiring another pair of hands! So, others can definitely make their money back too. You just have to keep pushing it and focus on before and after pictures!”

Thanks to the initial investment into her 3D Lipo machine and the success she has achieved so far, Abi was able to fund her start-up aesthetics aftercare business, admitting she’s much further with it than what she originally planned: “Since buying my 3D Lipo machine, I’ve been able to bring my launch date forward for my new aftercare product, AfterMed Lips, by ten months! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this while working my other job, and I am excited to bring an innovative lip aftercare solution to the market this November.

When asked what advice she has for other people thinking about getting 3D lipo-ultimatepro, Abi said: ‘Just buy it! It is really worth it. Also, remember to take pictures, weigh people, upsell and boost posts.’’



Abi’s remarkable achievement serves as an inspiring example of the power of embracing innovation and having faith in a product and brand. Her dedication to providing her clients with the best body contouring treatments and her belief in their effectiveness has fuelled her success. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for her and her businesses.