Our VIP Open Day!

We recently hosted a highly successful Open Day event for VIPs at our Head Office in Rugby, Warwickshire. It was a great event that exceeded our expectations, bringing together many clinic owners from across the UK, including new and existing customers. This special occasion provided a fantastic opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in the world of 3D technologies and discover the numerous possibilities they offer.

Through the pandemic, we learned to adapt and provide remote support. However, nothing compares to the joy of welcoming our valued customers into our head office space, where they can truly see and feel the essence of our company and how we can support their businesses.

Imogen, our National Sales Manager, said:

“The highlight of the Open Day was undoubtedly the opportunity to witness the demo space being used in a more relaxed and informal manner. While we frequently host one-on-one demos, this event provided a comprehensive overview of all our devices, allowing those who were still unsure about the best machines for their business to gain a better understanding”.

Our guests had the chance to experience treatments firsthand and learn about them from our knowledgeable trainers by observing treatment demos. These interactions left a lasting impact on attendees, with many expressing keen interest in technologies they had previously been unaware of.

Additionally, the Open Day provided a platform for networking with other clinic owners. We were fortunate to have Neeta Matharu, a renowned business coach, share her success story and provide valuable insights. Her strategies for growing clinics using 3D Aesthetics machines inspired and motivated our attendees.

We had the pleasure of welcoming Olga Kharitonova, owner of Wight Aesthetics, who travelled all the way from the Isle of Wright, to join us. Inspired by the success stories shared by fellow clinic owners, Olga made the exciting decision to introduce three new devices, 3D Vjuve, 3D HydrO2 facial, and 3D HIFU, into her own clinic.

Overall, our VIP Open Day was a great success! As a result, we are now planning another event on July 10, 2023, with more dates to be added in the future – stay tuned for more updates to come.