How one clinic owner paid off £50,000 worth of 3D Aesthetics devices before delivery!

Aesthetic Rejuvenation Therapies, owned by Emalene, is a thriving clinic with locations in the UK and Portugal, offering a diverse selection of 3D technology, including 3D lipo-ultimatepro, 3D Powersculpt, 3D Trilogyice, 3D HydrO2 facial, and Dermalux® Flex MD.

Emalene shared her successful pre-launch strategy with us, which allowed her to fully fund the purchase of £50,000 worth of cutting-edge equipment even before it arrived at her clinic.

When asked why she chose 3D devices again, Emalene stated:

“I can’t dispute the quality of the machines and the results we get f rom the treatments, and for me, the first priority is always going to be the end user, which is the client, making sure it’s meeting their expectations. There was never going to be any doubt in my mind about the machines and how they perform.”Emalene also acknowledged the high cost of investing in such machines and how it could impact the end user, stating: “I think the industry itself moves at such a rapid rate, and with the cost of buying a machines at expensive price points, you’re never going get a return on it. And ultimately, the price point, has to pass on to the end user, the consumer.”

To ensure that the treatments were affordable for her clients and to maintain long-term relationships, Emalene was creative with her pre-launch offers. This allowed her to pay for all five machines upfront before receiving delivery, a process that only took about four weeks since she committed to the order. Her clinic targeted its core clients, achieving huge success. To further promote and advertise their treatments, they introduced an offer that provided discounts in exchange for using before and after photos. As a result of the phenomenal results achieved by the devices, Emalene’s customers were eager to continue their treatment to address other areas of the body. Emalene said: “It’s been phenomenal the results that we’ve actually had. As the clients were buying one course of treatments, four or five treatments in, they were buying another for another area because of the results that they were achieving.

“Once they built their confidence and they could see the results, they’ve just carried on. We’ve had clients buy, in some cases, five, six different areas, and then the partner comes in too because they’re also seeing their results.”

Emalene also highlighted the significance of partnering with a reputable company that provides ongoing support. She recognises that having access to reliable support is crucial in avoiding potential challenges that may arise f rom a lack of maintenance or service for her devices.

What sets 3D apart?

Emalene is committed to ensuring her business operates smoothly and efficiently and values the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a well-established company. She also mentioned that her past experiences with unreliable companies played a significant role in her decision to invest in 3D Aesthetics, stating: “In the past, I’ve had my fingers burnt, and that was another reason why, again, for me, 3D was obviously an attractive option because as a company you’ve been around, but in terms of the company’s sustainability, they’ve been there for several years, there are so many companies popping up and disappearing.”

In conclusion, Emalene’s unique pre-launch strategy helped her pay off £50,000 worth of 3D Aesthetics devices before they were delivered, allowing her to offer high-quality, affordable treatments to her clients, and build long-term relationships with them.