How Celeste built a successful five-star clinic – offering only treatments with 3D Aesthetics machines!


Boasting over 75 five-star google reviews, Celeste Savage, owner of 3D Body Contouring in Kent, has built up a successful aesthetics career over the past 12 years.

During her time in the industry, Celeste witnessed some incredible results achieved with 3D Aesthetics devices. “When I first came across 3D and started performing the treatments while working for another clinic, it was a new machine on the market claiming to be a powerful alternative to liposuction. I thought this was a bold statement, and I was cynically waiting for it to fail. As the weeks passed and clients were returning for their reviews, I was blown away by the results.”


After observing clients achieving great results, including inch loss and cellulite reduction, Celeste decided to invest in 3D Aesthetics technology and set up her very own clinic.

Fast forward 10 years later, and Celeste is running a successful body contouring business, where she delivers 3D lipo-ultimatepro and 3D Trilogyicelaser hair removal treatments. “My husband loaned me the money to buy the 3D Trilogyice and 3D Vasculase machines in February. I paid him back half the amount a month later!”

Before purchasing her 3D machines, Celeste’s market research involved looking around her area to seewhat treatments were offered and at what prices. This allowed her to gain the confidence to set up her own home-based clinic, where she now offers a very intimate and personalised experience.

Her treatment menu is mainly based around 3D treatment packages, with the most popular being a ‘6 Pack Fat Freeze’ targeting three stomach areas. Since launching this package, Celeste says her business has rocketed. With over 100 five-star reviews across her Facebook and Google pages, it is clear that her clients love the treatments and experiences Celeste offers. Her services are frequently recommended to new clients who are amazed by the incredible results achieved at the 3D treatments at the clinic.

Advice for other clinics

When asked whether she would recommend 3D Aesthetics to anyone considering investing in a new device, Celeste said: “I would definitely
recommend doing it because I still get so many people coming to me who have never heard of 3D Aesthetics body contouring. I’m surprised that it’s not on every high street”.

Celeste highlights the importance of documenting your client’s journey by taking good before and after photos to help clients visually see the results. She explains that as we’re treating a small area of the body, clients may not necessarily see a difference on the scales, which is often the first thing they look at. “Ensure that your clients are made aware that successful fat reduction is a journey that may take a couple of treatments to get incredible results. Through years of experience in Cryolipolysis, one procedure is not enough.”

Another fundamental element Celeste emphasises is to market your services well. “Make sure you market yourself well. Once you’ve got that, it pretty
much sells itself.” Her key marketing strategy is avoiding discounting the treatments; instead, she offers added value as an extra treatment area. She uses her social media accounts and email marketing to promote her treatments and packages to target her customer database.