We recently spoke to Joanne Minchin, owner of Clever Contours clinic based in Cheshire, who recently introduced 3D Dermaforce and 3D lipo-ultimatepro to her growing clinic.


When Jo was made redundant from a successful career in the corporate world, she took the life-changing decision to use the opportunity and pursue her passion by retraining and entering the advanced beauty industry. Fast forward 5 years, a luxury clinic with 3 treatment rooms and another business in the industry, she has never looked back.




Why 3D Dermaforce?

Jo has been carrying out HIFU since the beginning of her aesthetics career and knew that Radio Frequency Microneedling complimented the treatment perfectly. When looking at a well-known brand, she decided that the price was far too high and the treatment was too painful.“The Morpheous8 treatment was so painful, I couldn’t go through with it, there was no way my clients would return for a second treatment and with such a high price tag, it was not an investment I could justify”. She conducted a thorough search and came up with a few companies offering comparable devices and says: “Not only was the Dermaforce machine a more reasonable and affordable price, I was totally sold on the training and support offered by 3D Aesthetics. I can offer a package of 3 treatments for the same price as one Morpheous8 treatment which makes it more attractive to my clients”. Jo has had the treatment herself and says: “I have honestly never had so many compliments on my skin and that in itself sells the treatment, I am delighted with the results so far”.

How would you say 3D compliments your business model?


Jo also purchased the 3D lipo-ultimatepro with her 3D Dermaforce. The purchase of both machines allowed Jo to create new treatment packages. Speaking about the flexibility of having a multi-technology platform, Jo says: “I have always done Fat Freezing but with the added technology of Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and Shockwave it has allowed me to create bespoke body packages to target different client concerns, which has now formed a large part of my treatment menu”.


Jo was able to create three bespoke body packages using the 3D lipo-ultimate pro technology and an ‘Ultimo Skin Package’ where clients have both HIFU and RF Microneedling at the same time. These two machines have “definitely enhanced my business.” Jo’s packages start from around £800, and in her first week of taking on the devices, she sold two courses at £1,150 each. She’s not been using any other marketing tools other than her Facebook and Instagram page and is soon planning to start promoting her new 3D services using Facebook Ads.


Client Feedback


Jo Says: “My clients are loving it so far. I had three people in for treatments using the 3D lipo-ultimatepro in one day, and ALL THREE texted me the next day with amazing feedback and one saying: “Oh my god, I feel like that worked already, that machine is magic!’’

Return On Investment

Commenting on the challenges caused by the current uncertain economic environment, Jo said that she was slightly ‘scared’ when she bought the machines but says: “It is a worrying time right now, and I had trepidation over making such an investment, however, I took over £12k in course bookings within the first month and by the end of November one machine will have paid for itself. “People will always care about their appearance. If you market your services well, put together packages that work, the finances will take care of themselves”.