Why are clients looking to simplify their skincare routines?


There are several factors why clients are looking to simplify their skincare routine. Traditionally, professional skincare products come with a hefty price tag. The goal of brands like Lesielle is to make skincare simple and accessible for everyone – regardless of budget or available time but also without compromise on the results and effectiveness. This approach appeals to clients who value affordability and want to reduce the number of products they buy (and waste they produce for those environmentally conscious).

“We feel that the current economy is forcing people to re-evaluate what purchases are a priority. For those people who are invested in skin health, skincare will remain on the priority list,” says Jon-Paul Hoy, Educational Lead, Lesielle UK.


How can salons take advantage of this trend?


Brands such as Lesielle prove that skin minimalism offers excellent opportunities for salons and clinics by bringing skincare solutions to the masses, highlighting that professional and effective skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming and unaffordable. Professionals can use this in many ways to their advantage.

Brands such as Lesielle prove that this trend can offer great opportunities for skin professionals as it’s bringing skincare solutions to the masses, highlighting that professional and effective skincare doesn’t have to be complicated and unaffordable. Lesielle is an excellent brand for people who visit clinics or salons but rarely decide to buy the offered products as they fear complexity or simply can’t afford it.

Jon-Paul Hoy highlights that this is a perfect opportunity to educate clients on skincare basics and discuss how a few key products and ingredients can make a huge difference. “With the changing economy, we need to educate our clients that a few key products can still achieve amazing results”.



Homecare recommendations for clients


“One of my key recommendations is double cleansing which ensures that pollution and pollen are removed from the skin to prevent free radical damage. Once the skin is clean, we can recommend a key serum containing multiple active ingredients to help address the client’s skin concerns, ensuring that one product can encompass many benefits.

A key solution is to visit the nearest professional who can prescribe the best single option for your skin. Understanding how ingredients can benefit different skin conditions or concerns are the responsibility of a knowledgeable skin professional, who could help choose the most suitable product based on the key ingredients. Using Lesielle’s online quiz, this step is simplified as it automatically recommends actives and bases based on client’s skin concerns and needs.

A UVA/UVB broad spectrum is crucial to protect the skin from UV exposure and prevent free radical damage, minimising signs of ageing, environmental exposure or irritation leading to breakouts.

Retinol is an excellent example of an ingredient which will cover most bases. It aids exfoliation, reduces fine lines, regulates sebaceous activity, minimises pigment, increases hydration and, most importantly, improves general skin health.

Lesielle is an affordable skincare brand where therapists can use Lesielle’s online skincare quiz to help clients select a base that suits their core skin condition and add up to four active skincare ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, vitamin A, glycolic and salicylic acids and, depending on their skin needs create a personalised cream to use AM and PM.