New Promotional Marketing Campaigns


Earlier this month, we successfully launched our brand new Promotional Marketing Campaigns available to our network of clinics across the country.

These resources include artwork, social grid posts and social story images, allowing you to promote your treatments without sacrificing time and effort to create your content.

The campaign materials include various focuses and angles for each treatment, with multiple ‘sets’ available, allowing you to choose from a range of materials that best fit your target clientele whilst promoting body positivity – something the brand is keen on championing.

How does this benefit you?

– Free promotional materials
– Easy tools to help promote 3D treatments on social media and in-clinic
– Helps to get clients through your doors!
– Reduces the cost of having to create your promotional material
– Stress-free advertising
– Promotes a professional brand image
– Professionally created artwork, ready to go.

“We are seeing more often that clinics and clients alike believe that brands should be doing more to promote body positivity. As a recognised brand, we believe that we have a responsibility to promote body positivity while championing diversity and inclusivity.

We have designed the promotional marketing campaign items to be vibrant and informative – reflecting ‘real’ everyday aesthetic concerns. We feel it is important to support our clinics with professional, branded, relatable material – and with multiple versions for each machine, there is an option to suit everyone.” – Helen King, Head of Design at 3D Aesthetics.

The Promotional Campaign Materials are accessed exclusively through the 3D Aesthetics client e-zone.

For more information on the marketing support available from 3D Aesthetics, or to find out about our range of devices, call 01788 226512.