Introducing Lesielle


Advanced skincare as unique as your clients – in an instant.
Adaptive, fresh, personalised skincare available at the touch of a button


Introducing Lesielle, the first Technology Personalised Cosmeceuticals (TPC) brand on the market, offering a brand new skincare concept with a completely personalised approach to your client’s ever-evolving skin needs.

What is Lesielle?


This revolutionary skincare device, complete with a range of base creams and active ingredients, offers a customised skincare routine in one product. Designed with every skincare concern in mind, the innovative Lesielle device allows users to create the perfect skincare that is tailored specifically to their skin concerns – quickly and easily.

How does it work?


Lesielle is the first adaptive skincare that changes with your client’s skin needs. At a push of a button, you’ll have the perfect personalised, advanced skincare designed for your skin.

First, we determine the client’s skincare concerns through an online consultation questionnaire. Using an advanced algorithm, we can then identify the products and ingredients that we can combine to best suit your skin.

The key is separating the cosmetic into Bases and Actives, making it easy to create a personalised and more effective skincare product. The best part is that you can adapt your skincare formula as and when you need it; giving you the power to add or change properties and ingredients as your skin concerns change.

Why Lesielle?


  • Instant, advanced, bespoke skincare perfectly adapting to skin’s changing needs.
  • No hidden or unnecessary ‘nasty’ ingredients
  • Fewer ingredients mean that our brand is more environmentally friendly – Lesielle headquarters us 100% renewable and clean energy.
  • Award-winning trusted brand.
  • Quick and simple – create the perfect skincare solution for your client in 30 seconds!
  • Developed by pharmacists, engineers, and designers and tested by dermatologists.
  • A much more effective solution due to higher percentages of the active ingredients.
  • Endless ‘fresh’ combinations due to ‘Isolated Formulation’ where each active ingredient is contained separately and stabilised.
Benefits to your business


  • You will be one of the first in the UK to offer this revolutionary new skincare concept.
  • Free training is given by credible skin care experts, giving you the knowledge to provide expert skincare advice to your clients.
  • An extra revenue stream which can be introduced seamlessly into your treatment offerings.
  • Stronger customer loyalty through tailor-made advanced skincare.
  • A truly one-stop solution – no need to stock multiple skincare products anymore.