3D Visage – Aesthetic Technology To Enhance Facial Treatments

At 3D Aesthetics, we’re known as pioneers in aesthetic technology, having created a wide range of advanced machines that offer highly effective results for a range of concerns. Our devices boast unrivalled results but we know that there is always room to improve and perfect. As we continue to evolve our aesthetic technology, we also wanted to develop a device that could be used alongside our existing models to enhance facial treatments and procedures.

The 3D Visage Facial Scanner

3D Visage by 3D Aesthetics is a complex scanner formulated around algorithms that allow practitioners to pinpoint a client’s true skin age, giving them a basis on which to form their treatment journey and create goals to work towards. This device offers a comprehensive visual representation of a person’s facial form, taking into account aspects such as shape, pigmentation, congestion, hydration and more. Using Windows software and an 18 million pixel camera, no other scanner in the industry can compare. 

The final image is composed of 3 combined shots from 3 different angles, creating a truly 3D visual. Each detailed scan will pick up on individual skin concerns so that you can prescribe specific treatments accordingly. The camera quality is so spectacular that it can even pick up on microscopic bacteria to allow for preventative, as well as cosmetic treatments. With 3D Visage, you’ll know that every single treatment can be personalised to meet the needs of each of your clients in order to provide the best possible results. 

The machine itself can even draw upon a library of options to make recommendations based on the results of each scan. Complete with tangible metrics and before and after imagery, you can prove the efficacy of your procedures. This kind of aesthetic technology is truly revolutionising the way in which we approach aesthetics and skincare. Fully integrate 3D Visage into your existing systems, recording each scan directly on your own software dashboard for maximum convenience.

Leading Aesthetic Technology

For over 10 years, 3D Aesthetics has been making a name for ourselves as an industry leader in aesthetic technology by continually introducing groundbreaking non-surgical systems to the market. 3D Visage is no exception, and while it might not be a treatment device, it has the potential to enhance multiple aspects of any clinic and increase a client’s average spend. Our results-driven devices are highly sought after, not only for the results they offer but also for the continued support that comes with them.

As a team, we care about your success, which is why we provide an in-depth onboarding process and ongoing support to help you make the most of your new device. If you’re looking to take your in-clinic systems and procedures to the next level with an analytical device that complements all facets of aesthetics, 3D Visage is for you. To find out more about our devices and to talk to us about aesthetic technology, call us on 01788 550 440 or complete an online enquiry form. We also free virtual demonstrations, so don’t hesitate to ask!

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