3D Nanosure: More Than Just A Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

At 3D Aesthetics, we are committed pioneers of the most advanced, non-surgical systems within aesthetics. When we develop our award-winning alternatives to surgery, we want each machine to offer multiple effective applications so that you get the most out of your investment.

There is something truly unique about the 3D Nanosure device that makes it so much more than just a laser tattoo removal machine, and this lies within its specialist laser technology.

The 3D Nanosure

At its core, the 3D Nanosure is a comprehensive laser device that boasts multiple technologies, providing a solution for the removal of unwanted tattoos as well as benign pigmented lesions. This system even allows therapists to offer advanced skin rejuvenation and Carbon Facials. It does this through the use of a dual wavelength laser with a Q-switching application, both of which come together to create a safe and reliable system.

As a laser tattoo removal machine, the 3D Nanosure can treat most areas of the body and is capable of removing 95% of tattoos for patients with skin types 1 through 5. The Q-switching technology and precision applicator achieve visible results after just one treatment by shattering the ink without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Patients will continue to see improvements throughout their sessions, with absolutely no scarring to the skin.

Tattoo removal aside, this multifaceted machine can be used to treat dryness and dullness around the face and neck as a monthly pick-me-up or a one-off renewal, creating a smoother, brighter complexion. Combine this with a Carbon Facial to maximise skin rejuvenation by eliminating dirt and debris and reducing enlarged pores.

Your Next Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

There’s no question that the 3D Nanosure is the laser tattoo removal machine for you and your clinic. It is the gold standard in dual wavelength Q-switched Nd:YAG technology with a very high specification and a very competitive price. This is the best way to add a range of new treatments to your roster – convenient, efficient procedures that are fast, affordable, comfortable and require no downtime.

Your system includes online training and a comprehensive starter pack so that you and your team can hit the ground running. 3D Aesthetics also offers a range of continued support and a manufacturer guarantee so that you have confidence in your investment. Find out more about the 3D Nanosure here or arrange a free virtual demonstration by calling 01788 550 440. You can also enquire online.

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