3D Dermaforce Press Launch Event


On Friday 28th January, 3D Aesthetics hosted the highly anticipated press launch for their latest microneedling & radiofrequency device – 3D Dermaforce. This exclusive event was held at the Mayfair Hotel in London with Roy Cowley, Founder and Managing Director of 3D Aesthetics and Dr. Jonquille Chantrey, who has recently been announced as the brand’s Key Opinion Leader.

Joined by a high calibre of press, this event offered the opportunity to network with some of the UK’s top beauty editors, from publications such as Grazia, Elle, Marie Claire and Women’s Health, all of which tried our latest Microneedling & Radio Frequency treatment.

The beauty editors were welcomed with an informal and private brunch setting in the hotel’s beautiful Amarillo suite. The intimate location facilitated a focus group session with Dr. Jonquille Chantrey and Roy Cowley, who opened the discussion up to the expert beauty journalists to get their feedback on the emerging beauty trends for 2022.

Establishing that society is slowly moving away from surgical treatments, with many celebrities opting to reverse their procedures. The overall feeling was that the industry is moving towards non-surgical ‘tweakments’ with a real focus on the consumer becoming an ‘enhanced’ version of themselves, which can now be easily achieved with minimal downtime due to advances in technology such as microneedling/ RF which enhance the skin’s natural appearance.

Dr Jonquille, the world-leading facial expert, presented the 3D Dermaforce treatment to the press. She explained to Alice Hart-Davis, founder of ‘The Tweakments Guide’, why she chose to partner with 3D:

I really like the way that they have this inclusive approach to the industry at large, they really seem to improve accessibility, to reach more patients, and I like that.

I really like their forward-thinking innovation, and particularly with this machine, I like the way that I can control the application to each individual patient. I’ve found that the patients find it more comfortable, and what I really like about the 3D Dermaforce is the unusual vacuum function; which creates an even platform for the skin so that you can account for things like skin contour, skin irregularities and skin laxity so the radiofrequency is delivered evenly throughout.”

Following the presentation, the press were then invited to experience the treatment for themselves, with live demonstrations being offered by the 3D Aesthetics team, along with Dr Jonquille’s leading Medical Aesthetician, William Foley.


Talking about her treatment experience, Emma Parfrement – Medical & Wellness journalist
said: “Incredibly relaxing, I really really wasn’t expecting it. I thought it was going to hurt and I was very concerned about afterwards walking away with the red face, but I have to say it was super relaxing…I’ve just seen the photos before and after and …. , I’m quite surprised to see that I can already see a slightly more youthful look and I am already seeing results.”


Danielle Hine, freelance journalist for publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire also shared her treatment experience: “I’ve never had anything like this before and I’ve always been intrigued by it and I guess what was the most surprising thing was how comfortable it was… Afterwards, I’m completely fine, there’s not as much redness as what you may expect …I barely feel like anything was done which is great.”


Overall the event was a fantastic success, with great feedback received from the journalists. Roy Cowley, founder and managing director of 3D Aesthetics said:

We are overwhelmed with the phenomenal response that the treatment received from credible beauty experts, and were delighted to see that they all recognised the outstanding benefits of 3D Dermaforce when compared to other Microneedling & Radio Frequency devices currently available on the market, with a particular focus on improved client comfort and unique advances in technology such as vacuum feature to ensure controlled and accurate delivery of radio frequency energy directly to the dermis.”