Dr Leah Totton first took on 3D-lipo ahead of her first clinic launch with Lord Sugar in January 2014 following her win on the BBC’s Apprentice. At the time, it caused a media frenzy, and put our treatments in the national spotlight.

Fast-forward 7 years and Dr Leah Clinics now house a range of 3D face and body devices across their sites in Moorgate, Essex and Baker Street including the 3D-lipo ultimatepro and 3D HydrO2 facial machines.

So- Why does 3D remain as Dr Leah’s ‘Go to’ brand of choice? Dr Leah credits our company due to our ability to create multi-technology platforms that allows her team of advanced therapists to provide their clients with a bespoke treatment offering.

Speaking to 3D, Dr Leah says ” The thing that I love about 3D Aesthetics is the ability to offer multiple treatments from just one machine, so from the investment point of view, versus the benefit that you get as a clinic in terms of your treatment offering, it makes financial sense. Also the depth of support that you obtain from 3D Aesthetics as a supplier.

I think that it’s a really daunting thing joining the aesthetics industry, and you can easily be inundated with potential devices that you can buy and there are so many available, so you’ve got to do your research and invest sensibly, and again, for me, this is where 3D Aesthetics are a really useful addition to any clinic. Because of the investment, you are able to offer multiple treatments and I think it’s more important now than ever, to think about how much you’re investing and what sort of return you are going to get from that.

Dr Leah Clinics have had great success with 3D Aesthetics devices, and I would happily recommend them to other clinic owners.”





Speaking at the launch of their Essex clinic in 2016, Lord Sugar said: “Dr. Leah has had great success already with 3D-lipo at her Moorgate clinic, but with the new clinic opening in the heart of Essex, we wanted to expand upon the existing offering and ensure that we are always leading the way with non-surgical, cost effective procedures. With 3D, we are able to provide that.”

As a brand, we are delighted to be backed by Dr Leah Totton & her business partner Lord Sugar which provides unrivalled credibility to our brand.

“We are proud of our ongoing partnership with Dr Leah & Lord Sugar, and I am honoured for my company, 3D Aesthetics, to be recommended so highly by Dr Leah and Lord Sugar, we have enjoyed our partnership with Dr Leah Clinics over the past 7 years, and I look forward to supporting them over the many years to come.” – Roy Cowley, Founder & Managing Director of 3D Aesthetics.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video, with Dr Leah explaining why 3D is her ‘go to’ equipment supplier.