3D Proscanner

The 3D Proscanner allows the user to evaluate distinct changes in body shape and body composition using advanced body scanning technology.

The 3D ProScanner gives the user a whole host of metrics and visuals including a 3D avatar of their body, their weight, full body measurements, body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and a body shape wellness rating based on a comparison with over 250,000 scans logged.

It also allows them to compare multiple scans with a side by side view to review their before and after, whether it be post treatment or surgery.

The Technology

The 3D-ProScanner is one of the most advanced 360 body scanning devices on the aesthetic market today. It takes 1,200 images of the body while the client is standing on a rotating plate and then uses advanced algorithms to stitch these together and create a virtual 3D avatar of the user. After the scan is complete, the client will have access to their own portal account that can be used on any device to view their virtual scan.

Body scanning

  • Comprehensive body analysis
  • Provides a visual of the client backed with accurate data
  • Virtual 3D avatar
  • Full body measurements
  • Body composition metrics
  • Health and wellness stats
  • Full body posture report
  • Sends clients all results, automatically, via email.
  • All scans are recorded on the clinic’s own software dashboard for record keeping and comparison

Features Available

What’s Included?

Why 3D ProScanner?

The 3D ProScanner can be used alongside any body contouring procedure to give a true representation of result. This includes liposuction, buttock augmentation, breast enlargement and arm / thigh lifts. The benefit of using the ProScanner pre and post-surgery is the simplicity and accuracy of measurements taken.

The software will also give the patient new wellness metrics and graphs showing how their surgery has improved their body shape rating when compared with over 250,000 scans logged. The client will also receive their body scan before and after meaning they can share results with friends, family and social media without “baring all”, this will in turn increase referral rates.

The 3D ProScanner also works hand-in-hand with non-invasive body sculpting procedures such as 3D lipo.

The benefit of using the 3D ProScanner alongside these procedures is that we can look at the visual result from any angle along with accurate measurements of the treatment area no matter where it is on the body. The client is also weighed during the scan so this eliminates client complaints if they see no result due to putting on weight during the treatment period.

This tracking service is a profitable tool for gym owners as by advertising 3D ProScanner to local gym users as a stand-alone fitness tracking service, you’re not only benefiting from revenue per scan but also using the ProScanner as a lead generation tool. Bringing body conscious gym users into clinic for fitness tracking now allows you to up-sell aesthetic body procedures to a whole new market.

Still Not Convinced?

If you would like to find out more about the 3D-ProScanner, or to arrange a free virtual demonstration, please contact our friendly team today on 01788 550440 or complete our online enquiry form.